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Experience of extraction methods at Alma Café

Experience of extraction methods at Alma Café

mexico city, LATAM, MX

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Heriberto Frías 205, Narvarte Poniente, Ciudad de México

Experience the best of Mexican coffee at Alma Café's Extraction Methods Masterclass in Mexico City. This event offers a unique opportunity to taste and learn about different extraction methods, with a detailed explanation of flavor profiles and tips for replicating them at home. You can also purchase the coffee used in the tasting to try the recipes yourself. The event takes place at the new Alma Café location and is open to all ages, with alcoholic beverages available for those over 18. English translation is provided if needed. The tasting includes drip, espresso, and an exclusive cocktail, with pairing options available. Service and gratuity are not included. Whether you're a coffee lover or new to specialty coffee, this masterclass is a must-attend event. Don't miss

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