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Frida Kahlo Museum Tour

Frida Kahlo Museum Tour

mexico city, LATAM, MX

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Londres 247, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México

The Frida Kahlo Museum in CDMX offers tickets for a tour of the famous Casa Azul, where visitors can explore the works and daily life of Frida and Diego. The options include a souvenir or photoshoot, and all tickets cover fees and taxes, as well as access to the Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum and the ability to shop without waiting in line. The tour lasts 1-4 hours and is open to all ages, with wheelchair accessibility. The museum is located in the Coyoacán neighborhood and tickets are non-refundable. This experience allows visitors to discover the unique relationship between Frida and Diego through their art and home. Don't miss the chance to connect with Frida Kahlo and her

Available dates

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