Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground

Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground

las vegas, Nevada, US

Available Dates

800 West Roban Avenue, Las Vegas

Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground in Las Vegas offers an exhilarating experience of operating heavy machinery without the physical strain. Choose from a variety of ticket options including driving skid steer track loaders, mini excavators, big dig excavators, and bulldozers. You can even release your frustrations by crushing a car during the Aggression Session. A short instructor guide session is included in the enrollment process. Immerse yourself in the construction world through fun activities like excavator basketball and moving large tires. This experience is only for adults over 21 years old with a valid ID and is not wheelchair accessible. Visitors must pass a breathalyzer test before operating the machinery, and only one person is allowed in the cab at a time. All sales are final

Available dates

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