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Drink and Draw at Sip D Bar

Drink and Draw at Sip D Bar

seoul, APAC, KR

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중구 충무로 40 3층

Grigo Grigo is a unique and trendy bar that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for artists and mixed drinkers alike. It features a signature cocktail called the Drawing Drink, made with Van Gogh's Absinthe for its addictive flavor, and the Beauty Drink, a sweet rose-flavored cocktail perfect for the ladies. The menu also includes sets of dishes such as Onion Sausage Platter, Cheese Canapés, and Jamon Melon. For a fun twist, try the Funny Drink which offers six random shooters at once. The bar exudes a hipster vibe and provides drawing materials for guests to enjoy while sipping on their drinks. With a wide selection of wine, whiskey, signature cocktails, and dishes, Grigo

Available dates

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