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Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Adventure - Houston

Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Adventure - Houston

houston, North America, US

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511 Rusk Street

The Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Adventure in Houston is an exciting and educational experience that can be enjoyed by groups of any size. This walking tour allows you to learn interesting facts, see the sights, and exercise your mind all at once. You can participate at your own pace and explore Houston in a unique way. The tour takes place on various dates and can be done at any time. It starts at 511 Rusk Street and is suitable for all ages. This adventure has been consistently rated as the best local scavenger hunt since 2016. It combines elements of a scavenger hunt, an adventure race, and a self-guided walking tour. You will be guided to different locations where you must answer questions or solve puzzles to receive your

Available dates

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