Kemah Boardwalk: All Day Ride Pass

Kemah Boardwalk: All Day Ride Pass

houston, Texas, US

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215 Kipp Avenue, Kemah

The Kemah Boardwalk is a popular attraction offering an All Day Ride Pass that allows unlimited access to all of its thrilling rides. Both children and adults can enjoy this pass, which guarantees a day full of excitement. The pass also includes access to waterfront dining and treats, making it a lively carnival experience. There is no age requirement for the pass, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The pass can be used on various dates and times, and is non-refundable. Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston, Kemah Boardwalk promises a day of aquatic adventures. From heart-pounding roller coasters to soaring on the Aviator, this pass offers non-stop excitement. And don't forget to indulge in delicious

Available dates

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